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Pascal Hofmann

DevOps Engineer

About me

I'm a devops engineer, software developer and system administrator living north of Frankfurt, Germany.

At the moment I work with terraform, kubernetes, aws and golang a lot, but I'm open to other technologies and programming languages. I'm a quick learner with a lot of experience, so I'll be able to solve any problem you throw at me.

I'm passionate about…
  • automating things
  • automated tests and high code coverage
  • clean code
  • good commit messages, pull request descriptions and good code review
  • linux (on servers)
I love…
  • working in international teams with people from different cultures
  • learning new things, programming languages, tools, concepts, etc.
  • building resilient infrastructure as code
  • fixing things
  • investigating hard problems
  • digging into unknown source code
  • contributing upstream patches (if required)

Public contributions

While most of my work is confidential, I made a few contributions to free and open source software in the past. You can also check out my github profile.

traefik golang k8s

#10346 Support for cross-namespace references / Kubernetes GatewayAPI ReferenceGrants

cloudnative-pg yaml docs postgres

#3567 Add k9s plugin

ansible-collections/community.general python ansible bitwarden

#7468 Improve performance of the bitwarden lookup plugin (co-authored)

mod golang go modules

#22 Ignore go build constraints when upgrading / downgrading semantic import versioning

terraform-provider-grafana golang terraform grafana

#991 Gracefully delete user if it no longer exists in grafana

#150 Add support for dashboard permissions

jenkinsci/pipeline-utility-steps-plugin java jenkins snakeyaml

#206 Allow overriding codePointLimit to allow reading larger yaml files

terraform-provider-ec golang terraform elastic cloud enterprise

#620 Add basic snapshot and snapshot repository configuration to ec_deployment resource

#613 Add resource ec_snapshot_repository

#567 Migrate terraform provider from Terraform Plugin SDKv2 to Terraform Plugin Framework
(co-authored, see: #3, #5, #6, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12)

elastic/cloud-sdk-go golang elastic cloud

#426 Enhance snapshot repository API by adding PathStyleAccess field to S3Config

terraform-provider-gitlab golang terraform gitlab

#1484 resource/gitlab_application_settings: Add missing attribute can_create_group
(I got a tree for this one)

jenkinsci/github-pr-comment-build-plugin java jenkins github

#66 Correctly ignore non-label events in label event handler

#60 Add configurable minimum permissions for triggers

terraform-provider-gitlab golang terraform gitlab

#1249 gitlab_project(s): Add suggestion_commit_message

jenkinsci/configuration-as-code-groovy-plugin java jenkins maven

#7 Remove version from configuration-as-code dependency

mockserver java tls unit testing

#1384 Add support for EC keys

terraform-provider-netbox golang terraform netbox

#120 Add state migration for vm.vcpus

terraform-provider-vsphere golang terraform vsphere

#1546 Fix disk migration when datastore_cluster_id changes

checkov python static code analysis terraform

#2043 Fix loading of terraform module sources without explicit ssh://

#2040 Add support for openstack provider

terraform-provider-openstack golang terraform openstack

#1297 Correctly delete openstack_networking_router_interface_v2 resources

terraform-provider-github golang terraform github

#1649 Add allow_forking to github_repository

#900 Add data source github_users

terraform-state-mover golang terraform

#22 Print terraform state mv commands on interrupt

#20 Make lists searchable and add key mapping to

grafana-api-golang-client golang grafana

#20 Add support for dashboard permissions

PyGithub python github

#1767 Fix stubs file for Repository

go-grafana-api golang grafana

#41 Support basic authentication with passwords that contain a colon

fossa-cli golang fossa gradle

#500 Fix parsing of gradle dependency tree

doctrine/mongodb-odm php mongodb doctrine

#1784 Fix hydration of proxy objects with lazy public properties (co-authored, see: #1776, #1781)

cookieconsent javascript

#262 Add support for secure cookies

grumphp php code quality

#461 Use correct path to .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG when using non-standard .git dir location bug

#459 Add support for custom location of .git directory

stackphp/run php symfony

#4 Add compatibility with symfony 3.* and 4.*

reactphp-soap php soap async

#38 Add new Client::withLocation() method
(co-authored, see #23)

thephpleague/container php dependency injection

#121 Allow wrapping concrete values in RawArgumentInterface objects

#120 Fix bad method calls, typos, docblocks and remove unused imports

SonataDoctrineMongoDBAdminBundle php mongodb doctrine

#197 Fix broken tests

#196 Add support for FQCN form type referencing to FormContractor

#151 Support filters with CONDITION_OR

darsyn/ip php ip

#12 Added isLinkLocal, isLoopback, isMulticast, isPrivateUse, isUnspecified

predis php redis

#346 Don't send AUTH and/or SELECT command after connecting to sentinels

florianv/swap php currencylayer

#36 Added currencylayer provider

thephpleague/monga php mongodb

#27 Don't use param $fields as $query when $query is empty

thephpleague/route php routing

#58 Support singleton request objects

phroute php routing

#25 Support checking for named routes (RouteCollector::hasRoute($name))

nette/tracy php debugging

#95 Don't set error_log, log_errors is set to FALSE anyway

collectd c collectd metrics

#93 Fix for config file parsing ("memcachec plugin: Option `Server' not allowed here.")